If you’re a LATAM Pass member, you can also review the qualifying rules.

You have a wide range of options to access an Elite category with LATAM Fidelidade. Choose the way that is most convenient for you and enjoy all our benefits.

 As we previously explained, this year we've added a level of minimum annual spending in dollars to two of our current qualification rules. These changes will be effective if you achieve the target levels for moving up a category in 2017 and for the category renewal process in 2018. 

In order for you to better understand how the qualification process works, you must consider the following:

  • Elite Dollars: it's the concept that we use to refer to the dollars you spend on the purchase of LATAM or oneworld tickets. The Elite Dollars consider only the value of the ticket marketed by LATAM. Shipping fees, taxes, or any additional expenses to the ticket are not considered as Elite Dollars. To become an Elite member you must achieve a minimum annual spending in Elite Dollars.
  • Elite points: to make it easier to recognize points that are valid for qualification, we've named them Elite points, that way you can tell the difference between them and Multiplus points, which are the ones you earn by flying, making purchases at associated business or using associated financial institution services.

To calculate your Elite points, you'll use the distance you've traveled multiplied by a percentage that varies depending on the fare you've chosen. This applies to flights purchased starting on January 1, 2017:

Check the Distances table for LATAM Airlines flights.

Review the options available to you for accessing Elite categories:


*Valid for Premium Economy and Premium Business segments on LATAM Airlines flights of over 1,ooo miles.

You can review the Elite points and Elite Dollars you've earned in your account statement. You can also easily view your progress in complying with qualification rules for a superior category.

If you have any doubts, feel free to read the Qualification Frequently Asked Questions.

Bear in mind that:

  • To renew member categories in 2017, 2016 qualifying rules apply. Modifications implemented to these qualifying rules on January 1, 2017 affect category renewal in 2018.
  • For the effects of calculation, Elite Dollars are considered as flights flown between January 1 and December 31 of each year, regardless of the purchase date.
  • For minimum annual spending, only ticket price will be considered. Boarding fees, taxes or any additional expenses such as excess baggage, FORWARD+ or SPACE+ seats, tour packages and travel insurance are not considered for this new condition.
  • All modifications to the qualifying rules are valid for members residing in United States.