Request points for your flight!


If you flew with us and didn't provide us with your LATAM Fidelidade member number, don't worry! You can still request your pending points.

Before requesting your Multiplus points:

  • Wait 7 days after your flight.
  • Make sure your points weren't added automatically to your account statement.
  • If you traveled with an associated airline, you'll see the points in your account statement after 30 days.

If you haven't yet registered for the LATAM Fidelidade program, you have 60 days to request the points for the flights you've completed. You must register for the LATAM Fidelidade program before requesting them.

To earn Multiplus points on other associated airlines*, you must be a LATAM Fidelidade member before flying. If you sign up for the program after completing your flight, you will not earn Multiplus points.

*You must choose if you prefer to earn your points with the airline you'll fly on or LATAM Fidelidade; you can only earn points with one program at a time.

After requesting point accreditation:

  • Wait for the time period to pass, which may vary depending on the flight you completed.
  • Confirm that the points were added to your account statement.

Your Multiplus points will be credited to your account within 7 business days for LATAM Airlines flights.

Request your points