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Courtesy Upgrade confirmation

Courtesy Upgrade confirmation 12 hours before your flight

We want you to be relaxed before your trip, so progressively throughout 2016, we will confirm your courtesy Upgrade in advance. As always, priority will be given based on check-in time and in agreement with each candidate's category.

Note: To be able to confirm the Upgrade, you must make your request between 48 and 12 hours before your flight, otherwise we won't be able to respect your priority and you will have to verify availability at the boarding gate at the airport. At this time, you only will receive a confirmation email if you are given the Upgrade. Through your Monthly Account Statement, LATAM Pass will inform you about the new routes that will have courtesy Upgrade confirmation available.

Requesting courtesy Upgrade

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The courtesy Upgrade confirmation is always subject to availability in the cabin and to possible plane changes at the time of the trip. The courtesy Upgrade will be made effective for base plus, flexible and full flexible family tickets.

Enjoy the Premium experience on LATAM Airlines Brasil and LATAM Airlines Paraguay flights

At the end of the first semester of 2016, Gold and Platinum members will also be able to use coupons to request a courtesy Upgrade on all international flights operated by LATAM Airlines Brasil and LATAM Airlines Paraguay. Black and Black Signature will also be able to access coupons for their companions.

Finally, all Elite members can make a request through our website and the Contact Center by checking-in 72 hours before flight departure.

New rules for membership acceptance in Elite categories

Our elite categories are already close, with new qualifying rules.

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These Elite category qualifying rules apply to members residing in United State, on flights taken between January 1 and December 31.

* Valid for Premium Economy and Premium Business segments on LATAM Airlines of more than 1,600 kms.

More information about earning your LATAM Pass KMS

Throughout 2016, you will be able to easily and quickly find all the information you need about earning air miles through our App and on our website.

You now have a detailed registry of all the transactions on the earning air miles platform in the palm of your hands.

You will soon be able to know how many air miles and/or segments you need to move up or to maintain your category. All the information is located in the same platform in a clear and simple way.

new plataform

New percentages for earning air miles

Among the new benefits LATAM Pass will bring starting on April 18, 2016, you will be able to find improvements in earning percentages.

1. International flights on LATAM Airlines

All your tickets purchased from April 18, 2016 accumulate many more kilometers.


Note: Keep in mind that if you are going to make connections during your flight, each segment is considered separately for earning air miles.

2. National flights on LATAM Airlines

These new earning percentages will apply for your national flights purchased from April 18, 2016.


Note: You will always earn a minimum base distance of: 800 air miles in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia; 600 air miles in Ecuador, on each leg of your trip.

These new rules for earning air miles apply to members residing in United State.

* Valid for flights purchased from March 1, 2016.

** Valid only for flights purchased departing from and arriving to Brazil. Earning is for each USD spent on purchasing the ticket.

You are currently already enjoying a series of benefits for all our Elite members, which will be maintained for the Black Signature, Black, Platinum and Gold categories.

Review each one of them in the table of Elite benefits.