Enjoy an additional bonus of LATAM Pass KMS in 2015 when you fly in the Premium Business cabin on your trips operated by LATAM Airlines from USA or Europe to South America or vice versa, as well as, within South America. Get more information below.


Earn more kilometers in Premium Business cabin

When you fly in Premium Business cabin, till December 31, 2015, on trips from the United States or Europe to South America or vice versa, as well as within South America operated by LATAM Airlines, you will earn even more kilometers. In addition, to the 150% that you already receive (regardless of your fare class), you will receive added bonuses from 50% to 150% (dependent of the fare class you purchased for your trip). This way you can earn a total of up to 300% in LATAM Pass KMS.

Keep in mind that these earning bonus in Premium Business does not allow you to qualify for the Elite member category. It is valid for all flights taken as of April 20 till December 31, 2015.

Review, in the following table, the percentages you will earn per route and fare:


Accumulation Bonus


Find out how many kilometers you will earn according to your member category

Identify your member category in the following tables and find out how many kilometers you will earn if you add your additional bonus:

latam pass members
gold members
platinum black black signature members


How can I find my fare class?

To find out what your fare class is, review step 3 and your fare's summary box. In the summary, will you find the column, "Premium Business cabin" followed by a letter. That letter indicates your fare class:

Fare Class


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Do not worry, we will help you:

If I purchase a fare in Premium Business, how can I discover which bonus I will recive?

When you make your purchase, you have to pay attention to the fare type you bought. If you use the purchasing process, you can find it in the itinerary of step 3. On this page, you can discover which fare class you purchased, the earning bonus that will apply.

When will my kilometers be accredited?

Your miles bonus will be accredited along with what you normally earn for your trip in Premium Business class. You will find it in your account statement and in the email confirmation of miles with the name "BUSINESS BONUS 2015.” Remember that in your account statement, all the miles you have earned will appear individually.

Does the benefit apply to my travel companions?

All LATAM Pass members that fly in Premium Business between April 20 and December 31, 2015 will receive this bonus.

If I bought my ticket before April 20, will I receive my bonus?

Keep in mind that the miles bonus is subject to the date you fly. For example, if you bought your ticket before April 20, 2015 and fly in June 2015, you will receive the bonus. In addition, if you flew between January 1 and April 19, 2015, you will not receive the 2015 Premium Business Earning Bonus.

Do these bonus miles allows me to qualify for Elite categories?

No, these bonus miles do not allow you to qualify for Elite LATAM Pass categories.

Do the routes that do not appear in the table provide and additional bonus?

No, the miles bonus applies for flights in the Premium Business cabin within South America, to the United States and Europe. Other routes and fare classes are excluded.

How long will this benefit last?

The benefit will be valid during the whole year, on flights flown between April 20 and December 31, 2015.

Do I need to register to receive this bonus?

If you are already a LATAM Pass member, you do not need to do any additional processes to receive this benefit. You only have to fly in the Premium Business cabin to one of these three routes: within South America, to the United States or Europe, on the dates and with the fare classes mentioned on this page.

Can I receive the bonus if I Upgrade from Economic cabin?

No, the benefit only applies to tickets purchased in one of these three fare classes: I, D, J, on the dates and routes mentioned.