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With LATAM Pass, your imagination has no limits and you can achieve your dreams much faster. We are the fourth largest frequent flyer program in the world, with exclusive benefits that will make your flight an unforgettable experience. 

You choose how, when and where to fly. LATAM Pass creates a world of possibilities and brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams. 


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Frequently asked questions

Will the program rules or LATAM Pass Points be modified?
The rules and benefits of the program did not change. Nor is the validity of the LATAM Pass Points or accumulation rules. Now that you are part of LATAM Pass, you will maintain the same conditions you had when you were part of Multiplus.

Do the points last the same after the union between LATAM Pass and Multiplus?
Yes, the rule of validity of the points remains unchanged. That is, they are valid for 24 months from the date they are credited to your LATAM Pass account.

What happens to my username or password after both programs have been merged?
Both your username and password remain unchanged and will not be modified.

Will I lose benefits now that my Multiplus Points have been renamed LATAM Pass Points?
No. Your benefits and all the conditions of what you have accumulated and will accumulate remain under the same rules. Your points adopted the name LATAM Pass in substitution of Multiplus. 

What happened with Multiplus?
Multiplus was born from the TAM Fidelidade program in 2009 and for years it consolidated itself as one of the largest and best programs in Brazil. It innovated the market by launching various products and services, and won several awards worldwide. In 2019 LATAM Airlines joined Multiplus, unifying it with LATAM Fidelidade and achieved a unique program with greater benefits for its partners: LATAM Pass. The best of two worlds so you can realize your dreams faster and faster.

I bought or redeemed a ticket with Multiplus. Will this have any changes or will I have to make new arrangements?
No: all the conditions of your tickets are maintained in the same way and you should do nothing but wait for the day of the trip and enjoy flying with us.

Will there be any difference in the way I redeem my points?
No, none The redeeming and all the services that existed with Multiplus remain the same, and you can access the same services.

What will happen to the Multiplus site?
The Multiplus site will be replaced by the LATAM Pass site.

If I need to update my data, where should I do it?
To update your data, access latam.com and login. There you can update your contact information. 

Will there be changes to the member categories?
No. Member categories will remain the same. 

What is the change in the customer hotline?
From now on, we’ll only have one call center. Check telephone numbers here.