Flights on associated airlines

Earn Multiplus Points when you fly on associated airlines. Multiplus points are calculated based on the distance you fly multiplied by a percentage that varies according to the fare class and service.

If your points on oneworld and associated airlines are not accredited automatically 2 weeks after the date of your flight, you can request them online.

Terms and Conditions

  • Flights in associated airlines can earn you Multiplus Points but no Qualifying Points
  • Flights with associated airlines, Alaska Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss Airlines, allow you to earn points like Other Airlines, even whern they are marketed by Latam Airlines. This benefit is not available on flights from South America to North America or from South America to Africa.
  • On flights marketed by LATAM and operated by Jetstar Airways and Korean Air, Multiplus points and Qualifying points will be earned according to the same rules as LATAM flights.
  • On flights marketed by LATAM and operated by Air China, Air Italy, Air Tahiti Nui, China Eastern, Interjet, Passaredo, South African Airways, Vueling and Westjet, no Multiplus points or Qualifying points will be earned.