Do you have any questions? See the frequently asked questions on earning and redeeming Multiplus Points and on qualifying for our Elite categories.




What are Multiplus Points?

This is the name given to the currency you will use to redeem and earn in the LATAM Pass program.

When will my balance appear in Multiplus Points?

As of May 9, 2018 you will see your LATAM Pass Points converted into Multiplus Points. You will see your balance of kilometers from May 7 and 8, 2018, converted into Multiplus Points on your account statement of January 9.


How will the Multiplus Points I earn on flights of oneworld Alliance and airline partners be calculated?

The manner in which they are earned will remain the same, according to the distance and class flown, but calculated in Mutiplus Points.

Will the manner in which I earn at associated businesses and financial institutions change?

Our commercial partners will also convert to the manner in which Multiplus Points are earned. The new prices will be communicated to you soon.

Will the expiration of my Multiplus Points change?

No, the expiration of your points will remain as it is now.


Will there be changes in the way to redeem with the new Multiplus Points?

Yes. You will no longer make your redemptions on the LATAM Pass platform, but through the Multiplus platform. However, the exchange amounts you had with LATAM Pass Points will remain equivalent to Multiplus Points.


What are Elite LATAM Pass Points?

They are the accumulated value to qualify for an Elite category.

How will Elite Points be calculated?

Elite Points will be calculated based on the distance in miles that you fly, multiplied by a percentage that varies depending on the cabin class, fare group and flight (domestic or international) that you choose.