Choose to fly Front Seats

Save time at the airport and get priority deplaning.


Choose to fly with Space+

You’ll have more than 4 in. of additional space.


Choose to fly with Space+ on our new fleet

On long flights, enjoy our seats with more than 4 in. of extra space and comfortable foot rest.

How can you buy your favorite seats


If you already purchased your ticket



If you have not purchased your ticket yet


  • By calling our Contact Center.
  • Purchase your ticket on where you can also select your preferred seats.


Is this free?

It’s free for Black Signature and Black passengers, as well as for those who have purchased a Flex fare ticket. Platinum members have this benefit on all domestic flights.

To find out if this applies to your companions, review the details in the LATAM Pass section.

You can also bid for a cabin upgrade

Are you looking for a superior travel experience? Bid for a cabin upgrade.