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For these Terms and Conditions, “LATAM” refers to LATAM Airlines Chile, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina.


LATAM will offer their passengers a cabin upgrade service called “Upgrade Option.” Passengers can access this service via the website for as long as this service is available online.

Geographic coverage

The category upgrade will be made available to passengers traveling on routes on which, according to the website, this service is available for.

Description of the service

This service will only be available for flights that have a Premium Economy or Premium Business class and are operated by LATAM Airlines Chile, Perú, Ecuador Colombia and/or Argentina. This is not available on flights with codes JJ and PZ, oneworld™ alliance airlines and/or other associated airlines LATAM has agreements with.

When making the purchase, the passenger will be able to make a monetary offer to obtain an upgrade for one single flight or route operated by LATAM, providing them with access to benefits including use of the priority counter or desk, access to the VIP lounge, superior cabin class, baggage check, priority boarding and a seat in Premium Economy or Premium Business class, as the case may be. Passengers will not earn airmiles in addition to those they are entitled to for purchasing their Economy Class ticket, nor will they be able to request changes or refunds on their Economy Class tickets under conditions different from those granted before obtaining the upgrade.

When an upgrade to a superior cabin is accepted via “Upgrade Option,” it’s subject to the priority of frequent flyer program upgrades at the time the Upgrade is confirmed, which can be 12 or 2 hours before the flight departure time.

How to access the cabin upgrade

In order to carry out the offer and access the Upgrade, the passenger must have proof of payment for a ticket in Economy Class on a flight that has a Premium Economy or Premium Business cabin.

Interested passengers can make an offer from the time they purchase their ticket in the Economy Class up to 12 hours before flight departure. Within this same time frame, passengers can modify or cancel their offer free of charge.

There is no limit to the number of offers the passenger can make.

All the participants who make an offer will be informed via email if they obtained the cabin upgrade or not between 12 and 2 hours before flight departure. Passengers must present the email confirming their category upgrade along with proof of payment of a ticket in the Economy Class at the LATAM counter or desk.

If there is more than one passenger flying on the same reservation code, the passenger must make one single offer of an amount to pay for each one of the passengers on the same reservation code. For example, if there are two people traveling with one reservation code, the passenger must make one offer for two (2) upgrades, not just one. If there are not enough seats available to grant the upgrade to all the passengers on the reservation, the offer will be rejected.

Offers will be accepted depending on availability in the Premium Economy or Premium Business cabin of each flight.

If passengers request a category upgrade using free upgrade coupons and also make an offer to receive a category upgrade, and both requests are accepted, they will obtain this benefit via their free upgrade coupons.

The amount offered by the passenger will include all applicable taxes.
The only payment method accepted will be a credit card. The passenger who made an offer must input their credit card information after indicating the amount offered. Credit card information will not be stored in any type of system, nor will it be used for any means other than paying for the amount due for this service. Paying for the product with any other means of payment is strictly prohibited.

Upgrade purchases could be made in USD or Euro and LATAM may apply additional charges depending on the credit card for being an international purchase. The credit card will be charged when LATAM confirms the passenger's cabin upgrade via email, between 12 and 2 hours before flight departure. If, when the payment is processed, the credit card has insufficient funds or is no longer valid, the offer will be automatically rejected.

The acceptance or rejection of the passenger's offer will be at the full discretion of LATAM. The decision will be made giving priority to the highest offer. The only offers that can be accepted are those made by passengers who have fully complied with the requirements established in these terms and conditions.


Passengers are able to make offers and access category upgrades only if they have purchased a full fare ticket in the Economy Class. Therefore, passengers who only have an unpaid reservation in Economy Class cannot make offers or access category upgrades.

The following passengers cannot obtain an upgrade: passengers traveling with reduced fare tickets; passengers traveling with pets, with special cabin baggage and those who require special medical services.


The category upgrade is not exchangeable, transferable or negotiable by the beneficiary passenger. Its reproduction, sale or transaction is prohibited, whether onerous or free.

Passenger participation implies they have accepted these bases, terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy available on our website.
LATAM reserves the right to terminate or modify the stages, questions or system of this product without prior notice, in the event that something interfere with the official rules and/or regulations of the cabin upgrade. LATAM cannot be held responsible for system errors, incomplete messages or information or problems caused by the server, communication problems, fraud or problems of any type, whether they be mechanical, human or electronic, as well as errors within the website used to access this benefit.


If the passenger cannot use their category upgrade due to flight cancellations or delays due to operational, security or service reasons, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, they can request a refund for the total amount paid for the upgrade. In this case, the passenger must request its return via the LATAM contact center.

In the event of change of material and relocation of passengers from the business cabin to the premium economy cabin, the passenger who obtained their upgrade to the business cabin with “Upgrade Option” can request that their money be returned through the LATAM contact center.

Data protection

LATAM guarantees full respect of privacy for those passengers that make an offer to obtain a cabin upgrade, in full compliance with the Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.