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LATAM is rated as the airline group with the highest safety and hygiene standard in Latin America

The Airline Passenger Experience Association awarded LATAM this category after an evaluation of its biosafety standards in the context of the COVID-19 health crisis.

Santiago, Chile, May 3, 2021 12:00

The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), in alliance with the specialized aviation experience site, SimpliFlying, awarded LATAM Group the “Diamond” category of its APEX Health Safety standard powered by SimplyFlying, becoming the first group of airlines in the region to receive this category, the highest in the evaluation.

This audit considers different operational safety criteria, covering 58 questions in 12 categories. To date, more than 15 airlines have been certified in the world, and another 20 are in the process of qualification.

"Today, more than ever, security is an untraceable value," says Enrique Rosende, Vice President of Security, LATAM Airlines Group. "This classification, which is the highest in the evaluation, represents the challenge of continuing to innovate with the best practices in safety and hygiene, following the recommendations of local and international authorities."

For the certification process, an audit is carried out in which procedures on the ground and during the flight are analyzed. On this occasion, the reviewing entity confirmed that LATAM's security standards are aligned with the best practices in the industry.

"LATAM continues to raise the bar for safe air travel during the COVID-19 pandemic with its hospital standard practices, as evidenced by its Diamond rating in the APEX Health Safety program powered by SimpliFlying," said Dr. Joe Leader, CEO of APEX. SimpliFlying CEO, Shashank Nigam adds: "LATAM's security measures will help restore confidence in travel as passengers return to the skies."

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the group has strengthened its biosecurity measures, implementing all the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommendations, in addition to the health authorities of the countries where it operates. Some of the implemented actions consider; reduced interaction of the crew with the passengers, hand sanitizer at LATAM facilities and hand disinfectant wipes available in the cabin; permanent sanitization of all contact surfaces on airplanes with 70% alcohol; in addition to reinforcing the spaces and self-care platforms to reduce physical contact with other people.

The airline also uses HEPA air filtration systems, and promotes pilot initiatives to reinforce the elimination of viruses and bacteria within the aircraft cabin, such as UV disinfection, surfaces with antimicrobial properties, among others.

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About LATAM Airlines Group S.A.

LATAM Airlines Group is the leading airline group in Latin America, present in five domestic markets in the region: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, as well as international operations within Latin America and to Europe, the United States and the Caribbean.

The Group has a fleet of Boeing 767, 777, 787, Airbus A350, A321, A320, A320neo and A319 aircraft.

LATAM Airlines Group's shares are traded on the Santiago de Chile stock exchange and its ADRs are traded on the over-the-counter (OTC) markets in the United States.

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