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LATAM reinforces domestic connectivity in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru

Santiago , January 12, 2021 20:00

Santiago, Chile, January 12, 2021 - With the resumption of 11 domestic routes in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, LATAM Airlines Group estimates that the operation for January 2021 could reach 40%, when compared to the same month of 2020. These new routes would total 770 daily domestic and international flights connecting 112 destinations in 16 countries. Of the LATAM affiliates, Chile projects a passenger operation of 30% for January due to setbacks in the reopening processes of many regions across the country and increased restrictions for both domestic and international transport.

LATAM Cargo foresees a beginning of the year in which it will maximize the use of its fleet, especially before February 14, in order to strengthen logistics for the transport of flowers from Colombia and Ecuador.

All projections are subject to the evolution of the pandemic, as well as travel restrictions in the countries where LATAM operates.

During December 2020, the traffic (measured in revenue-passenger kilometers - RPK) was 34.5% in relation to the same month last year. This traffic considered a passenger operation of 38.3% (measured in available seat kilometer - ASK) compared to the same month of the previous year, resulting in a load factor decrease of 8.4 percentage points to 75.2%.  The operation has shown signs of a gradual recovery during the last few months and in October and November of 2020, LATAM operated 26.8% and 33.4% of its capacity, respectively, when compared to the same periods of 2019.

The cargo load factor was 62.6%, 5.4 percentage points over the same period last year, highlighting the key role played by LATAM Cargo in recent months.






LATAM Operation - January 2021


●        46% projected operation (versus January 2020)

○        63% domestic and 24% international

●        January total routes: 85 domestic (equivalent to 406 daily flights) and 15 international.

●        Three new domestic routes, as of January 1st:

○        Brasilia-Porto Seguro (as of January 1st)

○        São Paulo/Congonhas-Foz do Iguaçu (as of January 1st)

○        São Paulo/Congonhas-Ilhéus (as of January 1st)

●        Two new international routes

○        São Paulo/Guarulhos-Bogotá (as of January 1st)

○         Río de Janeiro/Galeão-Santiago (as of January 1st)


●        30% projected operation (versus January 2020)

○        35% domestic and 27% international

●        January total routes: 15 domestic (equivalent to 92 daily flights) and 14 internationals.

●        Two new domestic routes:

○        Santiago-Valdivia (as of January 1st)

○        Antofagasta-Concepción (as of January 4th)

●        New international route:

○        Santiago-Río de Janeiro/Galeão (as of January 1st)


●        64% projected operation (versus January 2020)

○        67% domestic and 61% international

●        January total routes: 23 domestic (equivalent to 100 daily flights) and 5 internationals

●        Six new domestic routes:

○        Cali-Medellín (as of January 1st)

○        San Andrés-Medellín (as of January 1st)

○        Bogotá-Valledupar (as of January 1st)

○        Cali-Santa Marta (as of January 18)

○        Cali-Barranquilla (as of January 25)

○        Medellín-Montería (as of January 25)


●        30% projected operation (versus January 2020)

○        50% domestic and 22% international

●        January total routes: 6 domestic routes (equivalent to 17 daily flights) and 3 international routes are kept.


●        38% projected operation (versus January 2020)

○        57% domestic and 31% international

●        January total routes: 18 domestic routes (equivalent to 104 daily flights) and 17 international routes