In addition to the many options for use of your points with TAM, LAN, partner airlines, TAM Viagens and Multiplus, you can also exchange your points for greater comfort on your flights.

Make a seating Upgrade, from Economy to Business Class on TAM flights and enjoy a unique flight experience.

  • Points chart is subject to change.


Locate the base fare for your ticket

Check the confirmation email for your purchase. The fare category will appear as follows: “Class: Economy (Y)”.

For questions, contact our service channels.


TAM Fidelity program points

The passenger will receive points from tickets paid in full, which will always be in the economy section.


Change travel date

Travel dates for a ticket may be changed using a cabin upgrade. To change the date the new flight must have seating availability in the section upgraded with points (fares categories R or U) and there will be a rescheduling fee. It may be necessary to pay the difference for the ticket fare paid in the economy section.


Tickets purchased from travel agencies

Some tickets purchased from travel agencies are not eligible to use points for cabin upgrades. Check the Sales Center, Fidelidade and Services to find out whether the ticket purchased from a travel agency is eligible for a cabin upgrade.



  • Cabin upgrades using TAM Fidelidade points can only be made for trips on board TAM aircraft.
  • Only tickets paid in full, on fare profiles Y, B, H, K are eligible for cabin upgrades
  • Cabin upgrades must be made 7 days prior to travel
  • Cabin upgrades may be made with points whenever there is available seating in the upgraded section (fare categories R or U).
  • Class and/or cabin changes can entail additional expenses, for example, an increase in airport charges. Please ask us for information in this regard.


Request the Upgrade through our Contact Center, or at a TAM airport location.