If you have a flight operated by LAN, check its Carry-on Baggage Information.


Some items, due to their characteristics, need a special treatment, being considered special luggage. There are specific rules that apply to these items.

All items must be properly packaged in order to be accepted as luggage.

The information below refers only to travel on TAM planes. If during your trip there is a connection with another airline, check their policy regarding luggage acceptance.

Dimensions (height+width+length)

Brazil and South America: 292cm or 115 inches

North America and Europe: 158cm or 62 inches.


If the luggage is larger than these dimensions, an excess luggage charge will apply.

Volumes with dimensions larger than the limit must be transported as cargo.

In case of fragile luggage that exceeds the carry-on limits and cannot be transported on the cargo part of the plane, you may purchase an additional seat to place it. This additional seat does not give you the right to have a new luggage limit.

See below the types of special luggage accepted by TAM. The transportation of items not mentioned on this site is subject to analysis and acceptance by TAM.

Bow and Arrow

A bow, a quiver (place to store arrows), maintenance kit and arrows.


Will be accepted properly packaged, only with empty tires, removed pedals and handlebar attached on the side.


A single bag with a bowling ball and a pair of bowling shoes.


Are accepted as checked luggage and no excess luggage fee is charged. If the wheelchair uses a wet cell battery, it should be removed from the chair at check-in and placed in a special box supplied by TAM. A TAM employee may request instructions regarding the battery removal and connection, to aid the customer during check-in and arrival.

(Snow or water) Ski

A pair of snow skis with a pair of boots and a pair of poles; or a pair of conventional water skis; or a “Slalom” type water ski.

Firearms for sport

For information regarding the transport of firearms for sport, please contact your customer service desk.


One only bag with golf clubs and a pair of golf shoes.

Musical Instruments

Individual instruments or part of a band are accepted as checked luggage as long as they don’t exceed the dimensions limit established for the region.

It can be placed on the seat, if the following conditions are respected:

  • Previous reservation of more than one seat in the same fare and class of the passenger, with no right to another checked luggage allowance.
  • Maximum allowed weight of 75Kg/165 lbs.

Note: Cellos are only accepted when placed on an additional seat or transported as cargo. To make the reservation for the instrument on the cabin, contact our Sales Department ahead of time.

Scuba Diving

A regulator, a pressure gauge, a mask, a snorkel, two fins, a knife, a harpoon (unloaded and safely packaged) and a life jacket.

Note: Cylinders are only taken as cargo.


A paraglider.


Two fishing poles, rod and reel, net, a pair of fishing boots and a basket (to store the fish).


A snowboard.

Surf and Windsurf

A surfboard, or windsurf board (mast and sail).

To avoid damage, we will only accept 03 (three) boards in each bag.

Television and/or Monitors

These equipments are part of the luggage franchise*.

*On flights from/to The United States, televisions ans/or monitors bigger than 26 inches are not part of the franchise, and a service tax is charged according to the specifications below:


The televisions and/or monitors must be packaged in appropriate boxes. In case the dimensions are over 158cm an excess luggage fee will be charged, regardless of size.