At LATAM we ensure that you have a great flight experience and offer extra services so that your trip goes smoothly. The services and pricing described below are offered on flights operated by LATAM. You can also check out optional services offered by our partner airlines:

Korean Air* American Airlines* Alaska Air* Cathay Pacific*  
*You are about to leave The products and services offered herein are the exclusive responsibility of the parties offering them. Neither LATAM nor any of its associate companies take any responsibility for these products and services or any subsequent attention they may require.



To learn about our baggage policy visit ours sections carry-on bagagge and checked bagagge.

Purchasing seats

Purchase seats in advance

The price to purchase a seat depends on if the route is domestic or international and on the if the seat you want to purchase is Forward+ or Space+.

LATAM Pass Services

Upgrade with coupons

LATAM Pass service charges

Service Charges

For more information visit the service charges section.

Traveling with babies and children

Unaccompanied minor service

Bassinet Service

LATAM airlines offers baby bassinets as a courtesy service on our flights. This services is subject to the purchase of a preferred Forward+ seat.


Transportation of pets in the hold

Special Needs


We provide this service on all routes at no additional cost.

Special Meals

We provide this service on all LATAM routes at no additional cost.

Extra seat

The cost of an extra seat corresponds to the amount of an additional adult seat and depends on the fare available at the time you reserve the service.

Travel Assistance

The cost of this service depends on the type of route, fare, dates and number of days of the trip.
This service is available only for domestic flights in Chile and Peru.

Onboard entertainment

We provide this service on all our routes at no additional cost.