Read the baggage agreement between different airlines

When your trip includes several airlines or a flight shared between LATAM and other companies, the amount of baggage permitted is determined by the Most Significant Carrier rule, for the leg to check in until the next stop within the same reservation, which will not always be the most lenient or restrictive of the itinerary. The above applies only if the itinerary doesn’t have stopovers.


What is the Most Significant Carrier?

This rule states that in itineraries with several flights of different airlines, the baggage policy of the company that makes the most important or the longest geographic trip is the Most Significant Carrier.

The Most Significant Carrier is defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is divided into three parts:

Area 1:
North America, South America, Central America and Hawaii.

Area 2:
Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Area 3:
Asia, Guam and Oceania.


Air Traffic Division according to IATA



The Most Significant Carrier is decided by determining which areas or sub-areas are crossed. It is defined in the following way:

  • The baggage policy of the first carrier flying in between continents applies. For example: from America to Europe.
  • If you are traveling within the same continent, the policy of the first carrier flying in between the sub areas applies. For example: from South America to Central America.
  • On flights within sub areas, the policy of first carrier to fly across an international border applies. For example: on a trip from Concepcion to Lima with a stopover in Santiago, we respect the baggage policy of the airline that operates the Santiago to Lima flight.

If the airlines have not published their baggage policy, the policy of the operator you Checked in with, at the beginning of the trip, applies.


There is an exception for flights to or from the United States or Canada.

When your itinerary includes a trip whose origin or destination is in the United States or Canada, the baggage policy of the first airline you travel with is applicable. It does not matter if the trip includes a stopover. Except in codeshare flights, to or from the United States. In this case, the Most Significant Carrier is the marketing carrier (the one who sold you the ticket).

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