If you purchased your fare before January 17, 2018, check the special baggage policy and extra dimensions that apply.

Special baggage policy for fares purchased on or after January 17, 2018

Special baggage

Some sports equipment, musical instruments and televisions or monitors are considered as special baggage and can be transported in the hold of LATAM Airlines flights by paying a fee for the freight carriage. Please check the list of special articles and the amounts per item of special baggage that apply for your trip.

It is free of charge to transport wheelchairs or any other type of equipment for personal use required for any special needs. Please check the specific conditions in our Special Needs section.

Sports equipment

To travel with your sports equipment, you must package it correctly and as described for each item below to avoid any damage during the trip. To transport very large items, such as kayaks, canoes and oars, delta wings or vaulting poles, which cannot be transported as checked baggage, these can be transported as freight with LATAM Cargo.

Please see below to check which items of sports equipment are subject to be charged as special baggage and how to transport them:

Water sports

  • Surfing equipment: Comprising one bag containing a maximum of 3 surf boards.
  • Windsurfing equipment: Comprising one board, sail, mast and boom, in one single bag.1
  • Kite surfing equipment: Comprising one surf board, kite, steering rod and harness, in one single bag.1
  • Stand up paddle equipment: Comprising a bag containing one surf board and oar.1
  • Water ski equipment: Comprising a bag containing one pair of water skis or one slalom water ski.
  • Wakeboard, Boogieboard or Bodyboard: One board in its bag.
  • Scuba diving: Consists of a maximum of one bag containing diving goggles, a snorkel, a pair of flippers, a wetsuit, a BC jacket, a regulator, an empty oxygen tank, a flashlight and a conventional harpoon (unloaded and packaged safely).
  • Fishing: Comprising a maximum of five fishing rods, one reel, one net, one pair of fishing boots and one wire basket, contained in one single bag.

1 In exceptional cases, a length of 320 cm is permitted, regardless of the width and height.

Snow sports

  • Skiing equipment: Comprising one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles, a pair of boots and helmet, in one single bag.
  • Snowboard equipment: Comprising one snowboard, a pair of boots and helmet, in one single bag.

Air sports

  • Skydiving equipment: One set of skydiving gear in one single container.
  • Paragliding: One set of paragliding gear in one single container. Motorized paragliders are not permitted.

Other sports

  • Golf equipment: Consists of one golf bag containing a set of 12 clubs and 14 balls (maximum), and a pair of golf shoes.
  • Cycling equipment: This may be a conventional bicycle (without motor - electric bikes are not permitted), a special trail car for children, a tandem or a monocycle. Your bike (assembled or disassembled) must be packed appropriately. You must deflate the wheels, remove the pedals and tie the handle bar to the side. If it is detachable, you must tie the transportation handles to the sides and remove the pedals or package them.
  • Archery equipment: Comprising one bow with its quiver (container for holding arrows), one maintenance kit and arrows, all in one single container.
  • Hockey or lacrosse equipment: Comprising a maximum of five hockey sticks, one pair of skates, a set of protection gear and helmet, in one single bag.
  • Javelin: One javelin packaged appropriately to prevent it from causing any damage to other equipment in the hold of the aircraft.

Other sports equipment not included in this list - such as tennis rackets or bowling kit - can be considered as normal baggage and are not subject to special baggage charge. If the weight, size and/or maximum number of items permitted is exceeded, they will be subject to an additional charge per extra item, excess weight and/or dimensions, accordingly.

Musical Instruments

You can travel with your musical instrument on your trip with us. Small instruments are permitted in the cabin as long as they do not exceed carry-on baggage limits. If they do not meet the established measurements or weight limits, they must be transported in the hold. To transport them, you must package them correctly to prevent them from causing any damage during the trip. We recommend you transport instruments in special containers for fragile objects.

Please see below to check which musical instruments are considered as special baggage when transported in the hold and how to package them:

Musical Instruments

  • Cello, tuba, double bass or bass drum: In order to be transported in the hold, they must be packaged in hard-sided cases, and will be subject to special baggage charge.

Exception for guitars

Guitars are only permitted to be transported if they are appropriately packaged in hard-sided cases and they will always be transported in the hold of the aircraft. A guitar with its case is considered as a normal item of baggage, and therefore if your fare includes any items free of charge within the baggage allowance for the hold, you may make use of this by dispatching your guitar. If you have used up your baggage allowance, there will be an additional charge for the guitar and its case.

Audiovisual equipment

You may take television sets, monitors and projection screens as checked baggage. They must be packaged or boxed appropriately. Nevertheless, remember that it is not recommended to check fragile or valuable items in the hold, given that the airline cannot be held responsible for the items.

Important to note: If your fare includes any item free of charge within the checked baggage allowance, you may make use of this by dispatching your TV or monitors provided they are not over 40", free of the additional special baggage charge. If it is an item subject to charge for additional baggage, it will be charged accordingly per extra item, excess weight and/or dimensions.

Equipment not considered as special baggage

If you need to travel with any other type of equipment that is not considered to be special baggage and which exceeds the maximum dimensions permitted for checked baggage (between 158 and 300 linear centimeters (length x width x height)), you may do so by paying an additional charge per extra dimension. If it is an additional item to the permitted baggage allowance and/or has excess weight, the charges per additional item, excess weight and dimensions will be applicable cumulatively.

Things to bear in mind about special baggage

  • Special baggage may only be arranged in person at the airport - please take this into account for allowing extra time on the day of your trip.
  • Any item that exceeds 45 kg - regardless of its measurements - cannot be transported as baggage. You can check with us for more information about LATAM Cargo freight services.
  • Based on local legislation, on flights to or from Argentina, Aruba, Europe or Oceania, you may take up to 32 kg per item. The same rule applies for connecting flights with Air Canada, British Airways, Iberia and Qantas.
  • Black Signature, Black and Platinum members can make use of their benefit permitting an additional item of baggage by transporting a special baggage item free of charge.
  • Passengers in Premium Economy or Premium Business cabin class can transport up to three special baggage items free of charge as part of their baggage allowance.
  • Bank cards do not entitle the holder to any related benefits for special baggage.

Special baggage charges

The special baggage charges will be fixed prices, depending on the route of your trip. Please check the full information on the charges relating to the route of your trip.


If you have any questions about the transportation of oversized or special baggage contact us through our Contact Center.