Travel with everything you need: your musical instrument, skis, surfboard, other sports equipment or any other item whose dimensions exceed the allowance for carry-on baggage or checked baggage. On the day of your trip, we will decide if you have to pay an additional fee or if the object requires special care for transportation.

Some items are considered special baggage, depending on their characteristics. This type of baggage receives special treatment and is subject to specific rules. The special items must be packaged adequately to be accepted as baggage.

Important: The information listed below refers only to flights operated by LATAM Airlines Brazil. If your trip includes a connection with another airline, check that airline's policy on this type of baggage.


Your special baggage cannot exceed the following dimensions (the sum of height + width + length):

  • Brazil and South America: 292 lineal cm
  • North America and Europe: 158 lineal cm

Find out what you can take with you

Below, you can see the special items accepted by LATAM. Check the Sales, Frequent Flyer and Services Portal to see if you can travel with items that don't appear on the list.


Wheelchairs are considered as checked baggage. We do not charge an excess baggage fee for transporting wheelchairs. If the wheelchair uses a wet-cell battery, you must take out the battery during check-in and put it inside a special box provided by LATAM. Our team can request instructions on how to take out and connect the battery to help the customer during check-in and arrival.

Sports Equipment

You can travel with golf clubs, a bicycle, surfboard, skateboard and other sports equipment. To be able to check these items, they need to be well protected and packaged adequately within a bag or box for their safe transportation.

Weight allowance

  • Each bag can't exceed the weight limits, which varies from 23 kg to 32 kg depending on the route.
  • You can travel with a heavier item if you pay an excess baggage fee; in this case, the maximum is 45 kg.
  • On flights with connections with Iberia, British Airways, Qantas and on flights to and from Europe or Oceania, the maximum weight is 32 kg.

Larger items like windsurfing sails, kayaks, canoes, oars, hang gliders, vaulting poles and javelins can only be transported by LATAM Cargo.

Review the specific rules that apply to item transportation below.

Bow and arrow: You can travel with a bow, arrow case, maintenance kit and arrows.

Sporting firearm: You can travel with a sporting firearm as long as you bring the necessary documentation with you. You must transport it in an adequate case and it can't be loaded.

Bicycle: You can travel with a bicycle if it's packaged correctly. You must deflate the wheels, take off the pedals and tie the handle bar to the side. If the bicycle is detachable, you must tie the transportation handles to the sides and take off the pedals (or package them) to avoid damaging other items being transported.

Bowling items: You can travel with one bowling ball and bag and one pair of bowling shoes.

Ski (snow or water): You can travel with one pair of snow skis, one pair of boots and one pair of ski poles, one pair of water skis or even a monoski.

Golf: You can travel with one single golf bag with clubs and a pair of golf shoes.

Scuba Diving: You can travel with one air regulator, one pressure gauge, one mask, one snorkel, two fins, one knife, one harpoon (unloaded and packaged safely) and one life jacket. Oxygen cylinders are only accepted as checked baggage.

Paragliding: You can travel with one canopy.

Fishing: You can travel with two fishing poles, one fishing reel, one net, one pair of fishing boots and one wire basket (to keep the fish in).

Snowboard: You can travel with one snowboard.

Surf and windsurf: You can travel with one surfboard or windsurfing board (mast and sail). To prevent damage to your board, we can only accept a maximum of 3 boards in each bag. Surfboards can't exceed 300 lineal cm.

Musical Instruments

You can travel with small musical instruments in the cabin, as long as they don't exceed carry-on baggage restrictions. They must travel inside their own case.

Larger musical instruments or instruments that don't comply with carry-on baggage restrictions must be transported in the hold.

Your instrument can travel in a seat as long as you comply with the following conditions:

  • You must reserve a seat for your instrument in advance by buying a ticket with the same fare and class as yours, without the right to check a bag.
  • The maximum weight allowance is 75 kg (on flights operated by LATAM Airlines Brazil or LATAM Airlines Paraguay; the maximum weight to transport musical instruments on board is 45 kg.


You must reserve an additional seat to travel with your cello in the cabin. As an alternative, you can transport your instrument as cargo. To reserve an additional seat to transport your instrument in the cabin, contact the Sales, Frequent Flyer and Services Portal well in advance.


To transport your guitar on board, you must put it inside a flexible case. If you only have a hard case, the guitar must be transported in the cargo hold.

Instruments can be accepted as checked baggage as long as they don't exceed the established dimensions in the region. Musical instruments that exceed said dimensions must be transported by LATAM Cargo. Whether your instruments will be transported as checked baggage or carry-on baggage, we recommend that you package them in special containers for fragile objects. We can't be held responsible for damage to transported items.

Televisions and Monitors

You can travel with a television or monitor within the baggage limits. These items aren't considered special baggage, but must be transported inside an appropriate box. You will be charged an excess baggage fee if the dimensions exceed 158 cm, regardless of its size in inches.

United States

The only exception is applied to flights departing from or arriving to the United States, where televisions and monitors measuring more than 26 inches are considered as special baggage. In this case, you must pay an additional service fee, according to the specifics below:

  • 1 television or monitor measuring up to 26 and weighing less than 32 kg: considered as checked baggage (a service fee does not apply)
  • 1 television or monitor between 26 and 64 inches and weighing up to 45 kg:you will be charged a service fee of 450 USD (1580 BRL)
  • Televisions measuring more than 64 inches or weighing more than 45 kg: not accepted under any circumstances

Important: The amounts in reales that appear on this page are for your reference only because they were calculated using the exchange rate on May 12, 2016. The amount charged will be calculated using the exchange rate with the applicable foreign currency on the day of your purchase.

If you have any questions about the transportation of special equipment, contact our Sales, Frequent Flyer and Services Portal.