Mercado LATAM

Mercado LATAM

What is the LATAM Market?

The LATAM Market is our brand’s onboard food and drink purchasing service. It is available on domestic flights within Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

On which flights will this service be available?

The LATAM Market is available on all domestic LATAM flights. Colombia was our first country, followed by Peru and Chile. And most recently we started the service on Ecuador.

Our traditional onboard meal service remains the same for international flights in the region.

What happens if I have an international flight and then a local connection?

The international leg will feature the traditional onboard meal service, and on the domestic leg — within each country — you will have the LATAM Market onboard purchasing service available.

If you have an international flight and then a domestic connection, you will have the traditional onboard service on the international flight and the LATAM Market on the domestic one.

Can I bring food or drinks purchased in the airport on board the airplane?

Yes, as long as the airport authorities permit it.

Will I be able to request a glass of water if necessary?

Yes, our service offers water free of charge. You can request that from our crew whenever you need it.

Mercado LATAM Menu

Are there products for special diets? (diabetes, gluten-sensitive, vegan, etc.)

Yes, the LATAM Market seeks to satisfy the majority of special diet needs. We have diabetic, gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

Is there healthy food for children?

Yes, the LATAM Market menu includes fresh products and healthy snacks, in addition to a wide variety of other food and drinks.

What kind of products can I find in the LATAM Market?

You can find traditional local food products from each country.

Where can I learn about available products?

You can learn about the products on board, in the printed menu available in the front pocket of our airplanes’ seats.

Is the LATAM Market available in addition to the traditional food service?

No. The traditional food service is not available on domestic flights. The LATAM Market is the only service available.

Payment methods

What payment methods will be available?

We accept payment in the local currency of each country, as well as Visa and MasterCard credit cards. We do not accept debit cards.

Will I be able to purchase food by redeeming LATAM Pass Points?

This option is not yet available.

Will I earn LATAM Pass Points when purchasing food through the LATAM Market?

This option is not yet available.

When should I request this service?

The service is available throughout the entire route and will be offered by the crew once the onboard service has begun.

You can also request it when our cart passes by, or by calling the crew.

Where can I learn about prices?

The prices of LATAM Market products are available on board the airplane, in the menu located in the front seat pocket. This menu contains all of the products and their respective prices.