Three Reasons Why: Bahia

Three Reasons Why Bahia

Reason One: Beaches

The beaches in Bahia are secluded corners of paradise, often with open winding trails leading the way to the shore. And while no beach in Brazil is private, the beaches of Bahia seem to be. With the number of beach coves available, there is no one crowded spot. You can walk the coast for miles and not run into another person. The locals have designated a few specific beaches that have evolved into booming surf towns, where visitors are welcome to enjoy a day of surfing, wind surfing, and some seriously beautiful crystal clear waters. 

Reason Two: Carnival

The Bahian Carnival is an annual 6-day celebration. Although, the term is sometimes also used to comprise events happening immediately before or after the carnival, it can often extended for up to 12 days. During the carnival there are parades, live street performances, music, and delectable street fare. The carnival brings together close to 2.5 million people of which half are tourists from around the world. The carnival is celebration of dance, music, culture, and costumes, which vary from region to region. 

Reason Three: History

In 1500 Pedro Alvares Cabral landed in what is now Porto Seguro, and claimed it a territory of Portugal. The city was the administrative capital or Portugal’s colonies in the Americas until 1763. Bahia became a Brazilian state in 1989 making it the last area of the country to join the Empire of Brazil. Today, Bahia is one of the most important tourist dense destinations in the Northeast and 2nd in the country. The culinary traditions and architecture uncover strong European and African influences in the formation of the Bahian people’s way of life. By population Bahia, Brazil is the 4th largest state in the country. 

Three Reasons Why:



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