Three Reasons Why: Bogota

Three Reasons Why Santiago

Reason One: Art

The art scene in Bogota, Colombia goes above and beyond the works of Fernando Botero. As a whole the city is stepping out of the shadows Bogota’s art scene is gaining worldwide recognition with the help of a few contemporary art galleries. An estimated 80 galleries were counted in 2016 and nearly as many museums. However, art galleries are blooming like wildflowers and appear to be popping up in just about every corner. Bogota’s art scene not only lives behind the doors of a bohemian art gallery, the streets are decorated with magnificent works done by local artists. The art, which adorns the city, shows just how beautifully Bogota upholds its culture while stepping into the modern world. 

Reason Two: Cuisine 

Bogota’s local cuisine is truly something to fall in love with, from the Cocido Boyacense, to the deliciously sticky arequipe. The best part is some of the most delicious dishes are not found at 5-star restaurants with heavy price tags. Pass by a street cart and pick up a few empanadas, they are the perfect mid-day snack, or even an afternoon meal…actually, you can even enjoy these delicious pastries any time of the day you wish! Once you’re through enjoying one of the unbelievable dishes that Bogota has to offer, you’ll need to indulge your sweet tooth. There is something for absolutely everyone ice cream, chocolate and absolutely everything in between. The streets in Bogota are filled with coffee shops where you can easily lose yourself. We do recommend that you tread lightly and enter these places at your own risk as it may be impossible to leave!

Reason Three: Nightlife

Once the sun sets, the fun begins. Bogota is a city not only known for its colorful streets, beautiful art, and delicious food, but also for its thriving nightlife. No one loves to party as much as South America, but there is one city in particular that is well known for its ability to get you moving. You could say that Bogota is a city that never sleeps; there is always something for everyone. The city is home to countless restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas, and theaters provide entertainment every day of the week. 

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