Three Reasons Why: Cartagena

Three Reasons Why Cartagena, Colombia

Reason One: History

For all of you history buffs Cartagena, Colombia is the epicenter for Colombia’s most pennant historical events. In 1984 Cartagena was named a UNESCO World Heritage site further fortifying the city’s historical importance. In its early days Cartagena became a key entry point for Spanish conquerors into South America. The walls around the city were built by the Spanish king Felipe II, to protect it against invasions, and pirate attacks. The city’s charm and history are still protected today by the walls that were built so long ago. Travel through time as you visit museums, cathedrals and even a castle, all of which sit beautifully within the walls of the city. While in Cartagena enjoy the many guided tours offered, or simply walk through the cobble stone streets, and enjoy what is known today as the Pearl of the Caribbean. 

Reason Two: Architecture

Cartagena’s architecture is definitely unique. For centuries the walled city has been protected from the intrusions of the modern world and remained frozen in time. The bougainvillea that gently caress the windowsills of the colonial houses are the icing on top of this architectural wonderland. The city has seen many changes beginning in the 14th century. What is now known as the historic zone, began to grow with the construction of the Cathedral. From this point on the city’s architecture became the emblem of conquerors and colonial times through religious and military constructions. Through the years city officials have worked diligently in order to maintain the city’s colonial charm, which attracts thousands of visitors a year.

Reason Three: Cuisine

Colombian cuisine is one of the best in South America, and the beautiful Cartagena is not to be underestimated. This colonial city has mastered the blend of Caribbean spice and the traditional flavors of Latin America. Start the day in Cartagena by enjoying a delicious egg Arepa. Don’t let the simplicity of this dish fool you; it takes skill to seal a whole, uncooked egg inside two rounds of cornmeal dough and deep fry it all to perfection. Lunch is a no-brainer if you are a seafood lover. Due to its geographical location, Cartagena is THE place to find some of the best, and freshest seafood in Colombia. After lunch satisfy your sweet tooth with deliciously juicy tropical fruit, or mix it up with artisanal frozen popsicles. All in all Cartagena is a tropical paradise where the food is as flavorful as the culture. 

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