Three Reasons Why: Cuzco

Three Reasons Why Santiago

Reason One: The Navel of the world

Located in the heart of the Inca Empire Cuzco is known as "The Navel of the world" or "The Belly Bottom of The World."  A Unesco World Heritage Site Cuzco of one of Peru's most visited cities.  The well-preserved colonial structures, archaeological ruins and various layers of rich history engulfs you in an ancient Andean culture. The most evident of the city's complicated history is the Spanish colonial buildings erected directly on top of Inca walls. The past is vividly brought to life with the textiles, food, festivals and religious traditions that combine both the pagan Inca beliefs with catholic rituals.  

Reason Two: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

El Valle Sagrado (The Sacred Valley) is 15 kilometers north of Cuszo and offers trekking, rafting, and rock climbing. Your first experience as you make your way to the valley is its weaving villages where brightly colored textiles are made much in the same way as centuries ago.  Most of the locals still speak the language of the Incas; Quechua. As you make your way into the 70-mile Andes strip, breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, lush forest, and agricultural terraces transport you into another time and place. The enigmatic Urubamba river is known as the Vilcanota River ("house of the sun") or Willkanuta River (sacred river).  This pilgrimage takes you on Various Inca ruins and natural landscapes as well as the more famous historical sites. 

Reason Three: Home to its very own chocolate museum

The experience at the Choco Museo takes you through the growing process of the beans; it's harvest and the process of making chocolate.  Much like the grapes used in wine the flavor in chocolate is influenced by the region where the bean is grown. Peru's beans are considered a premium choice for chocolate makers. As you make your way through the city try the chocolate from local markets, restaurants and of course the museum. 

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