Three Reasons Why: Guayaquil

Three Reasons Why Guayaquil

Reason One: Culture

Some say that Guayaquil is Ecuador’s most visited city; could it be because of its vibrant culture? The city was crowned as Ecuador’s first national tourist city and it is the most visited city in Ecuador by other Ecuadorians.  A stroll through the city is all that you need to fall madly in with its people and culture. Amidst high-rises and the noises of a big city, Guayaquil’s true identity can be witnessed at Malecón 2000. From point to point malecón is about 2.5km long, stretching alongside the bank of Rio Guayas. Many areas of the city are also being revitalized; in turn the city is grown tremendously. Aside the immense urban growth there has also been exponential growth in the theater, film, and art. The nightlife is thriving in this growing city with the help of a few large universities. 

Reason Two: Cuisine 

Guayaquil is easily characterized by its people and the outstanding dishes that they create. Meal time in the city is no small event. Every meal is prepared by experienced hands that have learned, experimented with, and perfected each dish. Guayaquil’s cuisine is often underestimated and overlooked in comparison to the rest of South American cuisines. However, what most people don’t know is that it is one of the most varied and flavorful cuisines in the continent. 

Reason Three: Beaches

Guayaquil, Ecuador is mainly known as a port town, and many rave about its beaches. However, Guayaquil does not actually have any beaches of its own; you need to go west to Guaya, or northwest to the Santa Elena province. Las Playas is the located in the town of General Villamil and, it’s one of the favorite surf spots for local surfers looking to ride a few waves. Engabao is another very popular surf spot and it is considered the best in the Guayas province. Another breathtaking beach is Punta Carnero, favorite among Ecuadorians. During the months of January and February the beach is filled with families. Punta Carnero also serves as the perfect beach for surfers as well, and has hosted many international competitions. 

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