Three Reasons Why: Lima

Three Reasons Why Lima

Reason One: Oldest Civilization in America

Predating Peru's colonization Caral is about 200 kilometers north of Lima, and the home of the first known civilization in The Americas. This metropolis holds six large 5,000-year-old pyramids, temples, plazas, amphitheater and a complex agricultural system.  It is speculated via carbon dating that this civilization sprouted in 3,000 BC making it the first town. Another pre-Columbian city located 40 kilometers South of Lima, named Pachacamac "Earth Maker" from the god Pacha Kamaq was an important Inca site. Composed of adobe and stone palaces and temple pyramids. It's Templo del Sol (Temple of The Sun) and Palacio de las Mamacuna (House of the Chosen Women) showcase the ceremonial importance this site had. These two locations offer a unique experience that predates most well-known historic civilizations.

Reason Two: Machu Picchu

At the top of most bucket lists, Machu Picchu offers adventure seekers ample hiking trails. Set high in the Andes Mountains the view lends itself to a spectacular scene filled with lush greens, dramatic dry-stone walls, and an iridescent flog that permeates the grandeur of this site. Declared a Peruvian Historic Sanctuary in 1981 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 Machu Picchu holds its air of mystery.

Reason Three: World’s Best Restaurants

In 2017 three Lima restaurants made it into The World's 50 Best Restaurants. Comprised of 1,000 international restaurant industry experts. The judges are broken down by food writers and critics, chefs, restaurateurs and well-traveled gourmets, each of whom has ten votes.  Central, number 5 on the list takes its guests on a 17+ course journey that covers the biodiversity of Peru from 20 meters below sea level to 4,100 meters above. Maido, number 8 on the list means ‘welcome’ in Japanese.  A colorful Nikkei Cuisine that perfectly balances the Peruvian culture while staying true to its Japanese roots. Astrid y Gaston, number 33 on the list has transformed contemporary Peruvian food while paying homage to its people and traditions.

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