Three Reasons Why: Quito

Three Reasons Why Quito

Reason One: Picture Perfect 

Surrounded by mountains and set high on the Andes Quito is a city that beautifully combines tradition with modern life. The cities pathways naturally curve and follow the flow of its terrain. The Ecuadorian culture speaks to you as you stroll down the busy marketplace.  An afternoon mist caresses Quito's dramatic mountain peaks which set the ideal scene for its Old Town. A colonial treasure of restored 17th-century monuments, plazas and churches that stretches several blocks.  Quito is the city where travelers go to enclose themselves in culture the mix of modest concrete homes, modern structures and a historic sector that was the first to belong to UNESCO World Heritage Sites makes it a must-see for world travelers. 

Reason Two: A Sophisticated Culinary Experience

The best way to experience any city is by tasting its food.  The ethnic eateries, street vendors and a wide variety of restaurants will take you on an Ecuadorian culinary experience that is filled with unconventional cheeses and an abundance of hot sauces.  From the Llapingachos to the Locro de papa the combination of centuries-old traditions and indigenous ingredients will set your pallet on a flavorful explosion.  Arrive in Quito hungry and embark on your travel journey with a delightful morsel of street food while you mix in the vibrant meals from local vendors and restaurants. 

Reason Three: None Stop Activities 

With snow-capped peaks, sea level beaches, and Amazonian jungle the entertainment possibilities are endless. This cultured city offers a plethora of options. Just north of Quito sits the equator from which Ecuador received its name. Find yourself in two places at once in the center of the world (Mitad del Mundo). Check out a dormant volcano, take a ride on the Pichincha Teleferico their sky rail and finish up your day with a horseback ride and a good meal.  In the evening watch an opera performances or go to the theater. As the night approaches, the city plazas are an excellent jump off point for finding live music, bars, and nightclubs.  Indeed, Quito is a unique city that offers travelers a bounty of nonstop activities.

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