Three Reasons Why: Rio De Janeiro

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Reason One:  Beaches

Rio de Janeiro has some of the best stretches of sand on earth. And while there are numerous beaches to choose from, one of the most famous is Copacabana. Everyone from eager tourists to local families agree this beach is a top-spot for both its waters and attractions, which include delicious local vendors and cafés.  

Reason Two: Landscape

Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city that is cradled between the mountains and the ocean. This has directly influenced the urban landscape of the city, using both these natural elements as anchors for its development and growth. This unique positioning gave rise to extraordinarily fertile grounds, resulting in a tremendous amount of lush greenery that is evident throughout the entire city. Residents and visitors alike take advantage of this environment and enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle that includes trekking up Sugarloaf Mountain, hang gliding, swimming, beach volleyball, biking, and more.

Reason Three: Adventure

While Rio de Janeiro is notorious for its beaches and extravagant carnivals, the city offerings don’t stop there. Home to the largest urban forest, Tijuca is full of beautiful views and terrain perfect for hiking. The mountains and open green areas of the Tijuca National Park, allow access to views of the city from many high vantage points that are accessible through guided walking and hiking tours. Thrill seekers can head to Sugarloaf Mountain for a ride up the cable car and a hang gliding trip down. 

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Three Reasons Why:



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