Now you can choose how to travel on international flights out to South America.

Because we know that every flight is different, let us offer you 3 fare options for your domestic and international flights. 

For tickets issued starting February 27, 2020 between South America and the United States, between Central America and the United States, and between South America and South Africa:

  • Tickets with Light fares will not include checked baggage.

  • Tickets with Plus fares will include 1 checked baggage of up to 23kg

  • Tickets with Top fares will include 2 checked bags of up to 23kg each.
  • Tickets with Plus fares in Premium Economy cabin will include 1 checked baggage of up to 23kg

.Check the baggage allowances for each fare on other routes.

  • These new fares apply to international tickets purchased on or after October 20, 2018. Previous purchases maintain the conditions of the purchased fare.
  • Always check the conditions of each fare at the time of purchase.


With LATAM, you choose how you travel


Do you have any questions?

What are the new options of international flights about?

These new fare options for international flights aim at giving you more alternatives, so that you can customize your trip.

To this end, LATAM will offer various types of fares with different characteristics. It will be a simpler way of purchase, where you’ll be able to select and pay only for the services you’ll be using, and to choose the most convenient fare for the type of trip you want.

Does this work the same way as domestic flights?

Yes, it’s been a year and a half since we’ve started to offer different fare options for domestic flights.

These new fare options for international flights have the same goal: providing you with a customized service, where you can choose how to fly.

What benefits will this new fare model bring about to the passengers?

We want to offer an easier way of purchase, where you can select and pay only for the services you’ll be using. Where you can choose the fare that suits best your type of trip.

Will prices for fares that include only carry-on Baggage go down?

We are always looking for the best options to motivate you to fly with us, like offering different fare options, according to the type of trip you’re looking for. The fare will indeed be lower, if compared with the other available options, in the case you want to travel only with carry-on baggage.

With this new model, how much will international flight prices go down?

We don’t have a percentage projection for the variation of our fares; however we will still keep our offers such as Megapromos, Cyber Days and Destination of the Month. The fares will be more attractive for those who want to fly with less additional services.

For what additional services will there be charges?

We will charge for baggage, depending on your route and the fare you have selected. And also for specific seat selection, which allows you to choose where you’d like to seat and if you want more space, like when buying the LATAM+ seat.

How much will checked baggage and seat selection cost?

The prices will always depend on the route that you select.

Will there be charges for on-board food?

The on-board food service on international flights will remain the same as what is offered nowadays.

Will this change be implemented for all international flights?

We will slowly implement this change in all of our international flights. You will have different options according to your fare type and the purchased ticket’s destination. For that reason, we recommend you check the options that we offer before purchasing your ticket.

When will this new model be effective?

This model will be valid for all flights purchased starting from October 20th, 2018. Starting on that date, you’ll be able to select different service options and customize your flight.

If I purchased my ticket before October 20th, will this new fare model apply?

These new fares will only be effective from October 20th onwards. If you purchased your ticket before that date, the conditions of your ticket at the moment of the purchase will apply.

Will Platinum, Black and Black Signature LATAM Pass membership benefits be maintained when I purchase a ticket?

Yes, Platinum, Black and Black Signature members will keep the same benefits as before. For Gold and LATAM members, it will depend on the selected fare.