Find out all about our service, which was designed for you to enjoy yourself during your flight.

Given the current global situation regarding COVID-19, we have made some adjustments to our service, taking additional hygiene and safety measures when interacting with our passengers. Check for more details.

This service is temporarily suspended on domestic flights within Peru, Colombia and Brazil as per local authorities request. For international flight to and from Colombia, the process has been adapted to the current sanitary regulations.


On international flights

Flights over 7 hours.

Our long distance service offers a large selection of gourmet dishes with touches of Latin-American and international cuisine.

For lunch or dinner service, we offer three main dish alternatives complimented by a sweet product and a wide range of beverages including Premium coffee, tea, soda, wines and beer.

For breakfast service we offer two main dish alternatives, complimented by a choice between seasonal fresh fruit and yogurt, also accompanied by beverages such as Premium coffee, Tea and Fruit juice.

In day-time flights over 10 hours of duration and every flight longer tan 14 hours, you will have different snack varieties on board.


On flights that last between 3.5 and 7 hrs.

At breakfast, we offer you fresh seasonal fruit and a main dish.
At lunch or dinner, the service includes two options for the main dish and dessert.

On flights in the A319, A320, and A321 fleet, the service includes a ham and cheese sandwich and two pre-packaged snacks.

The main item of each meal is served hot or cold, depending on your destination.


On flights longer than 3.5 hours.

You can choose among our wide variety of drinks that includes Premium coffee, tea, soft drinks and juice, and a variety of snack options.


On domestic flights

Given the current global situation regarding COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended our onboard service on domestic flights from Peru, Colombia, and Brazil, following the local authorities’ recommendation of each country. There will be only a simple snack on flights longer than 2 hours within Chile and Ecuador.

We are taking all the necessary measures to protect the safety of our passengers and collaborators.

Special Meals

You can count on us for special dishes alternatives (celiacs, vegetarians, diabetics, etc.) on flights longer than 3.5 hrs. For more details, check out our Special Meals pages.


How can you know what food you will receive on your trip?

It’s easy. For example, if you travel between Santiago and Miami with a connecting flight in Lima, you can choose two meals that will depend on each leg’s duration.


If you don’t have connecting flights, we will offer you the meals according to the flight schedule and duration.