How is the in-flight menu created?

How is the in-flight menu created?

Felipe Gutiérrez, one of the chefs responsible for the new Premium Business menu, talks about his creative process

Mariana Campos Bianca Pianta

Published October 2019

Felipe Gutiérrez visited 23 kitchens of suppliers in 23 cities and explored 6,000 ingredients to implement LATAM’s new Premium Business menu. The chef was responsible for elaborating the menu, applying to the cuisines of each destination the gastronomic concept created by chefs Pamela Fidalgo, from Chile, and Aninha González, from Brazil.

How is the in-flight menu created?

“We combined inspiration and operation: from the beginning, we wanted to create a menu that would be successful from the moment of preparation to the in-flight meal time,” says Gutiérrez.

Ten months later, the result was the creation of four menus that alternate each month. According to the cooks, the starting point was the identity of the new cabins: slowing down, resting, and taking off. As such, the morning meals are energizing and the night meals have a touch of comfort food.

A flight landing early in the morning in New York serves breakfast with bread, fruit, granola, and yogurt. The dessert for flights departing from Brazil is cocada (a coconut candy) – in the end, valuing local flavors was the mantra during the elaboration process.

How is the in-flight menu created?

“Felipe’s participation was very important,” recalls Pamela. “He looked at the ingredients and just knew what would work.” Aninha agrees: “It was quite a challenge to create a menu that would please everyone and be beautiful and colorful onboard as well!”

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