Dream altitude

All LATAM employees have a story to tell. This month, Andrés Perez shares what’s like to be a pilot


For people who love aviation, Chilean pilot Andrés Perez’s Instagram page is irresistible: in one photo, he plays around in the snow with the crew in Balmaceda, Chile; in another, he shares the cockpit with an old friend; in most of them, he’s smiling. The manager of LATAM’s A320 fleet in Chile, Andrés reveals the behind the scenes of aviation from the point of view of a pilot – or better yet, of someone who has always wanted to be a pilot. “When I was a kid, whenever I saw a plane in the sky, I would say that I’d be there someday,” he recounts.


And it worked: soon after finishing the training, Andrés joined the LATAM team. First as an officer for models like the B737 and the B767, then as a captain and flight instructor, and, more recently, as the manager of the A320 fleet. He’s responsible for the safety and efficiency of all the models in the family (which includes A319, A320, and A321 aircraft). All this in addition to flying a lot – he has accumulated approximately 10,500 flight hours throughout his career. But he says that one of the advantages of flying this fleet is coming back home: as they operate short-haul routes, he’s away for just three or four nights a month, which means more time with his kids.



Andrés combines the austerity of an officer with the lightness of an aircraft aficionado. In the same conversation, he talks about airplane parts and the beauty of Easter Island viewed from above. 'When I flew for the first time, I knew that this was what I wanted to do, what really made me happy,' he reveals, unnecessarily: all it takes is a quick look at his Instagram feed to see the happiness on the face of someone who loves what he does.


Fun fact about flying

For security reasons, pilots and copilots don’t eat the same food.


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