Flying and decorating:

a flight attendant who’s also an interior designer


When he started working in the cargo department for LATAM 11 years ago, Rafael Bonucci didn’t know that he would become a flight attendant. Something similar happened with interior design: he realized he was interested in the field by chance, when a friend invited him to take a course.


They ended up not taking the course at the time, but Rafael started to decorate his recently finished house, having to deal with flooring and wall covering options. “I was enchanted by everything I saw and wanted to learn more,” he recalls. He finally looked for a school to study the field.



No airport change or different time zone could stop him. “It was an in-class course,” he explains. “So when I spent the nights traveling, I had to catch up.” For him, however, being in different places around the world was an opportunity to visit design fairs and learn more about architecture.


He finished the course with 12 décor projects. These days, he has his own firm and has even worked for some LATAM colleagues. “Being a flight attendant and designer requires common skills, like adapting to new places and the ability to transform a room, making it more pleasant,” he concludes.