Four other aircraft maintenance procedures between flights

Learn about the checklist that LATAM’s head of maintenance goes through before an airplane takes off


Luis Minaya has been working in the maintenance team for five years and, behind the scenes of each flight, his team is responsible for checking the machinery of the aircraft before they leave the ground. In his first article, he shared what the first inspection steps are. Now, check out four new stages in the detailed procedure conducted by his team:



1. Maintenance 101

All the adjustments are made according to international manuals. In his routine, Minaya always uses the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) and documents all the procedures in the Maintenance Log Book (MLB).


2. Houston, we have a problem!

If any repair requires the participation of more than one person, the technician can communicate with the Maintenance Operation Center (MOC). It offers support to more complex repairs and can immediately authorize the technician to take action after a problem is identified.



3. Double checking

After the repairs are made and the adjustments are documented in the maintenance log book, the cabin crew is informed that the plane is ready for a new flight. After the passenger boarding is completed, a walk-around inspection is carried out again, checking the access doors one more time before takeoff.


4. Time to say goodbye

Finally, the technician uses an intercom to communicate with the cabin crew to coordinate the towing of the aircraft and the procedures to start the engine, letting the crew take to the skies again.