Photography and aviation:

a retrospective by a LATAM employee

Passionate about airplanes since he was a kid, Diego William shares details about his year at the airline



Diego William started working with aviation at an early age – at 18, he joined the LATAM check-in team at Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo. He now works as a ground handler and, during his free time, he photographs airplanes. On his Instagram page, @diwilliam, which has over 13,000 followers, he shares stories with first-time passengers and adventures resulting from his close contact with aircraft.


What was it like to work at LATAM in 2018:

I had an incredible 2018! I participated in the project Crew, for Vamos/LATAM, for six months, showing pictures and sharing stories about the behind the scenes of aviation. Introducing this magical world to so many people was gratifying.


The best of LATAM:

More comfort and tranquility are the result of LATAM+, a service introduced this year to offer more legroom on our aircraft.