Behind the scenes of aviation:

the best moments of an airplane pilot

Pilot Andrés Perez shares the pleasures of flying for LATAM in 2018



Being an airplane pilot is a dream come true for Chilean-born Andrés Perez. This profession requires years of dedication, but every minute is rewarded by the time you spend in the sky – in Perez’s case, it has surpassed the mark of 10,500 flight hours. Now the manager of the Airbus 320 fleet, he combines his technical knowledge about airplane operations with the love for what he most likes to do: flying.


What was it like to work at LATAM in 2018:

I went to the Airbus factory in Toulouse, France, to get one of the first A320 NEOs for Chile. I visited the Airbus museum and learned about the different assembly lines. An unparalleled experience!


The best of LATAM:

One of this year’s innovations was the implementation of WiFi on aircraft in Brazil, which will soon be available in other countries. I think it’s very important for people traveling on business.