Childhood dream:

the beginning of a flight attendant’s career

Arley Falcone

Flight attendant Arley Falcone has always wanted to fly

Do you remember what the happiest day of your life was? Arley Falcone does. The chief purser never felt so radiant as the day he became a LATAM flight attendant. When he was a kid, he used to fly from Macapá, where his father lived, to Belém, in Pará, where his mother lived.


'Aviation has always been in my blood,” he recalls. “At the age of 5, I knew I wanted to be a flight attendant. I was enchanted by flight attendants, always so friendly. My mother used to say that I was the joy of any flight.”



At 19, he finished crew member training and started working as a flight attendant. Four years ago, he finally joined the LATAM team.


Recently, Arley was promoted to chief purser and became internet famous for showing the routine on the routes he services in South America. His over 70,000 followers on Instagram can see his everyday life as well as a dream come true. Just like the affection he used to get from flight attendants when he was a kid, today he gets smiles from passengers disembarking the plane. Now, as the greatest reward for his job.