How does a LATAM pilot live the fatherhood

Erika Paixão

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Influenced by his father, Chilean pilot Pedro Pablo Torres decided to follow his dream of flying


A passion for aviation has been present in Chilean native Pedro Pablo Torres’s life since he was a kid, when he decided he wanted to be a pilot like his father, Sergio Torres. The flights he took by his side when he was little were only a hint of what life would be like in the sky and, at 16, he started studying to continue his family’s legacy. “I was lucky enough to bring planes from the United States with him. My father was a great role model,” he recalls.



Some time after he graduated, Pedro joined LATAM, where he has been working for almost 22 years. And even though he’s an experienced pilot, with over 15,000 flight hours, nothing could prepare him to what would be his biggest (and better) challenge: to raise two sons, Andres and Pedro. It was time to revisit, from a different perspective, all the fatherly references he had inherited, in addition to learn how to conciliate his career with raising the boys. “I flew an A-320 on domestic routes until my sons were 8. This way, I was able to go home almost every day,” he says.


Currently flying a B-787 and crossing continents to Tel Aviv, in Israel, or Auckland, in New Zealand, the Chilean pilot spends around 10 days per month away from home. When he comes back, he takes some time off, including during the week: “I can do things outdoors with few people around,” he affirms. Camping and skiing are on the list of the family’s favorite activities and prioritizing the time he spends with them is what makes the pilot happy.