First time flying? Check out useful tips from an expert

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The feeling of boarding a plane for the first time is inebriating.

To make this experience unique, airport supervisor Moelliny Souza shares six tips that she considers essential to make sure your debut in the air runs smoothly.


1. Prepare for your trip

Before buying your tickets, check what documents you’ll need to enter the destination you want to visit. According to Moelliny, passengers may not be allowed to board if they don’t have all the required travel documents.


Valid ID with photo, passport, visa, and certificate of vaccination, for example, are required for people traveling abroad – including children.


In the case of the little ones, parental consent to travel alone or documents that prove you’re related are also necessary. 


Pregnant women and people with disabilities should also inform the airline about their special needs and, depending on the case, bring a medical clearance form – on our website, you’ll find a detailed guide with everything you need to bring to board safely.


2. Pack your bag

All LATAM passengers can bring a carry-on bag at no additional charge. This bag can be checked or taken to the airplane cabin, respecting the maximum dimensions of 21.5 in x 13.5 in x 10 in [55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm] (height, width, length) and the weight limit of 17.5 lb [8kg] (Economy), 35 lb [16kg] (Premium Economy), or 22 lb [10kg] (for any class on flights from or to Brazil).


3. Arrive early

Moelliny explains that nights are very busy at airports. As such, it’s recommended to arrive three hours before your flight (especially if this is your first time in an airport).



4. Check in ahead of time

You can check in at the LATAM counter at the airport, but Moelliny recommends using the airline’s self-service channels (website, app, or self-service kiosks). This way, the waiting time in queues tends to be shorter.


5. Expedite your boarding

Check the information on your boarding pass and keep your documents at hand – you may need them to board the plane.


6. Have fun!

Once on the plane, it’s time to take advantage of the onboard services, like Wi-Fi on the aircraft (available on flights within Brazil) and the LATAM Play app, filled with movies, TV shows, and music for you to enjoy every minute of your trip. Have a safe flight!