How did you start working at LATAM?


Every day, one of my followers on Instagram (@diwilliam) asks what they have to do to get a job at LATAM. I always recommend visiting the company’s website and submitting an updated resume in the “Work with Us” section.

Most people dream of becoming a pilot or flight attendant. I tell them that there are many areas in aviation. I think most crew members started out in other positions and moved up the ladder gradually. In our business, it’s very common to change positions. 



I started out in the company as a check-in assistant, 10 years ago. Then I became a handler for domestic and international flights, and went to the ground operations center. Three years ago, I was selected for the pilot project that created the ground handler position that I currently have. I’m very proud to be a pioneer in this area. Now I’m studying to be a mechanic. It’s a two-year course – almost an undergraduate degree!

I usually warn people that they need to be ready to work on weekends and holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s part of our routine. I still go to work with a smile on my face, but not everyone wants this. It’s also essential to like people. We deal with people all the time at the airport.



Another tip is to learn a foreign language. Anyone who can speak English will have no difficulties, since aviation documents are in this language. But it’s a differential to speak another language, like Spanish or French.

My last recommendation is: show how passionate you are about aviation. When I was hired by the company, I had just finished high school. I was the youngest, most inexperienced person in the selection process. However, I was the only one who said that I loved airplanes. The light in my eyes made all the difference.