How to take advantage of your time at the airport?

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Tips from a professional to avoid queues and better explore the terminal 


Working at LATAM for seven years now, airport supervisor Moelliny Souza knows well the routine in a terminal. She shares tips to help travelers enjoy every minute before their flight.


1. Explore the environment

Knowing the place you’re traveling from or landing at is important to have quick access to the services you need. Take a few minutes to learn where the departures and arrivals gates and the check-in counters are located.


2. Look for exclusive services

In terminals like Guarulhos, where Moelliny used to work, there are several special places to better accommodate the airline’s passengers – the LATAM VIP Lounges.



3. Say cheese!

Airports with incredible architecture, like the ones in Madrid and Montevideo, yield beautiful pictures. In Fortaleza, where Moelliny currently works, one of the attractions is the Pinto Martins Overlook, where you have a panoramic view of the terminal and its planes.


4. Board quickly

For passengers traveling with a carry-on bag or backpack, it’s recommended to check your bags – even if they are in accordance with the specifications to board the plane. According to the supervisor, there’s a priority queue for these passengers, facilitating boarding procedures.