Is it possible to have a routine being a flight attendant?

Arley Falcone

Arley Falcone works in the clouds — and shares his daily rituals

In a week, flight attendants go to several cities, experience different temperatures and even time zones. “We have a routine in a lack of routine,” says chief purser Arley Falcão. “However, there’s always a daily ritual.”



One of the factors that don’t change is your time off: a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. To go back to work, you need to plan the time to get to the airport – keeping in mind that traffic and distances change in each city.


Then, it’s possible to calculate when you need to start getting ready to arrive at the team meeting before the flight. As such, the different countries and time zones don’t matter: the team is always organized to go to a new destination.