Learn about LATAM’s Customer Service

Learn about LATAM’s Customer Service

Yanina Manassa is the director of LATAM’s Customer Service, which guides the airline’s millions of passengers

Mariana Campos Archivo Personal

Published November 2019

Each year, around 70 million passengers fly with us and one of our main commitments is to serve them well. But how can we connect with them without knowing their needs?

"I always dedicate a moment of my day to reviewing customers’ suggestions and comments that are brought to me, with the objective of learning in detail about passengers’ problems, acknowledgements, and remarks,” says Yanina Manassa, LATAM’s Customer Service director.

Learn about LATAM’s Customer Service

According to Yanina, the base to offer good service is “knowing your customers, who they are, what they like, and why they are traveling with us.” For this end, she has great professionals by her side and is always seeking to empower them, “You need to engage, encourage, and acknowledge them.”

Holding this position for almost 18 months now, the director believes that what she likes the most about her job is, alongside her team, being able to improve passengers’ experiences by listening to them, reading them, and being part of their journey.

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