Pilot and mother:

motherhood and the aviation

Leonor Macedo

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Being a mother and flying a plane are two very demanding activities. Can one do both? Chilean Loreto Vidal proves, yes, she can


Whether up in the sky or on land, Chilean Loreto Vidal is happy. When she is up there commanding a plane, LATAM's First Official is proud of the dream profession she has chosen when she was still kid under the influence of her father, a pilot as well. After landing, she spends her time raising two kids: Angelo, who's 8, and Raffaela, 3.



It seems like mission impossible to combine this kind of career, which demands so much work and periods of absence, with mothering. It's not, especially when there's a division of tasks in the house and a good support network, advises Loreto. “To balance career and personal life I arrange family routine according to my monthly flight time tables, and I do it ahead of time with my husband”, she explains.



This way, when traveling, the pilot is sure the kids keep on with their lives normally down here, waiting for her to come back so they can enjoy their spare time together.