5 pleasures of the art of being a pilot

Luis Minaya has been working for LATAM for five years. He’s currently the head of maintenance of the aircraft that takeoff from several Peruvian cities.


In addition, he’s also been a private pilot for at least 15 years. And since flying involves passion, here he lists the best and coolest aspects of the craft (and art!) of piloting:



1. Practical and theoretical knowledge

Knowing how to pilot is a plus when it’s time to check if a plane is in good condition before it’s cleared to fly. People who can drive probably know more about the engine’s technical procedures than those who have never sat behind the wheel of a car. With airplanes, the logic is the same.


2. A relaxing job      

For Minaya, flying over places that your imagination can’t reach keeps him relaxed and fascinated throughout the flight.



3. To pilot is to be constantly above the ground            

A cool challenge for those who consider themselves a “ground” and “air” person like Minaya.


4. And, from above, pilots can see incredible landscapes          

You need to stay focused, but there’s also the possibility to dive into clouds and observe immense green areas and illuminated cities from above.



5. It’s a profession and a hobby

Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life (with a heavy heart!). Right?