Pre-boarding checklist: recommendations from a customer service insider

Keep your document at hand. You’ve probably heard this before. You’d better listen, since it’s also a recommendation from José Julián Silva, who’s responsible for the customer service in Ecuador. His pre-boarding tips will guarantee a smooth flight even before takeoff.



Before leaving your house, review the carry-on luggage rules. To speed things up, check in in advance (with LATAM, you can do this on our website or via our app); take advantage and also download the LATAM Play app to have access to our in-flight entertainment. Check your documents and put them in an accessible – and safe – place. If you’re on any medication, remember to take it with you on the plane.


In the departures area, Julián recommends a neck pillow and portable power banks, as outlets can be scarce. Since he’s also a photographer, he never forgets his camera – with batteries and memory cards (he suggests one 64 GB card and two 32 GB cards). 'A trip is a new experience. And, as such, it has to be remembered!' he concludes.