The life of a LATAM flight attendant in 2018

Flying for the airline, crew member Cristóbal Alcarón reveals what made this year special



Working for LATAM in Chile, flight attendant Cristóbal Alcarón visited countries like Spain, Brazil, and Argentina. His travel stories, just like learning experiences during his training at the LATAM school for flight attendants, are immortalized in the project Crew, which invited crew members and employees from different areas of the company to share their experiences and aviation stories. Next, Cristóbal shares the highlights of this year of achievements at LATAM.


What was it like to work at LATAM in 2018:

This year marked a turn in my career: I started to work on long-haul flights. I’m surprised by new airports, cities, and cultures every day.


The best of LATAM:

Transforming any flight into a première was a big achievement. Regardless of the aircraft, all you need to do is download the LATAM Play app before your flight, ask for earphones, and enjoy our entertainment options.