Music, photography, and... Aviation! The meeting of passions aboard an aircraft

Ecuadorian-born José Julián has been working for LATAM for 10 years. Formerly a cabin crew member, he’s now the coordinator of customer service in his country, Ecuador. In a decade, planes and travels brought him closer to two of his passions: music and photography.



As a chief purser for the A320 fleet, he used to travel to Miami or Lima, Santiago or Guayaquil. During his free time between flights, he would go to shows and concerts. “I’m a melomaniac,” he affirms. Not just for his interest, but also for his aptitude for playing the guitar and bass, his favorite instruments.


His itinerant lifestyle also allowed him to document his experiences with a camera in hand: “photography helps me to immortalize moments,” he says. “When I was a cabin crew member, I liked to go out in the street and capture images of people, places, and the lifestyle around me.”



This genre, which documents the interactions of people with the world around them, is known as street photography – his favorite type. Julián admits he’s interested in people. That’s why he studied tourism in the first place and has conquered his space and recognition in LATAM’s customer service department.