The routine of a flight attendant

My routine as a flight attendant starts the day before a flight. I pack my bag and toiletry kit and iron my uniform. I sleep for 8 hours and wake up an hour before having to leave for the airport. Repose is essential, so I that I feel awake and rested. Throughout the first six months in the job, I had a hard time sleeping during the day. Now, I just close the curtains and sleep, even with the sun shining bright outside.

I arrive at the airport 70 minutes before my flight and go to the briefing room. I look for my flight and introduce myself to my fellow crew members. We talk about updates to safety manuals, learn about the route, and organize the passenger service, among other things.



All the crew members head toward the plane, 40 minutes before the flight. In the departures area, seeing the passengers is a magical moment. I always remember the time when I used to admire crew members, dreaming of becoming one.

Inside the aircraft, we check the safety equipment and the catering. Thirty minutes before the flight, the passengers start to board. This is when we see who has special needs, who’s in a hurry, if there are parents traveling with kids, etc.



When the door closes, we perform safety demonstrations and employ a procedure known as “free cabin” to check if passengers have fastened their seatbelts, the folding trays are in their full upright position, and all carry-on luggage is stowed away.

After takeoff, when the Fast Seatbelt signs are turned off, we start to prepare the food and beverage trolleys. We deliver the service, collect the waste, and check if the passengers need anything else. We dim the lights in the cabin.



Soon comes landing. We perform the “free cabin” procedure again and sit down. The ground workers open the door and we say goodbye to the passengers. Then it’s time for us to rest. We go to the hotel and have between 24 to 30 hours to enjoy the beach and the sun and do some shopping. On the way back, I do it all over again. I’m so fulfilled that, to me, this isn’t work, it’s passion.