Mechanical checklist: the step by step of aircraft between flights

Discover what happens in the minutes before a LATAM flight


When a flight experience ends, the job of head of maintenance Luis Minaya starts. One of his duties is to manage the procedures that guarantee the safety of LATAM aircraft in Peru. Following strict directions, the team conducts a detailed inspection, leaving everything ready for the next flight. Below, check out the seven main procedures an airplane goes through before leaving the ground:



1. Starting point

The tests start after landing, when a maintenance technician contacts the cabin crew to have access to the flight reports.


2. Walk around

It’s the name of the inspection stage. Here, the technician checks the overall state of the aircraft – panels, tires, landing gear, and flight control surfaces are examined to fix any possible structural change.



3. Pilot talk

If no problem is identified during the walk around, the inspection moves on to the cockpit, where the messages sent from the cockpit during the flight are analyzed.


4. Feeding the machine

In this stage, the aircraft is fueled up and the technician checks if the levels of fuel, engine oil, and hydraulic systems are correct.


After all this, the plane goes through four other repair procedures conducted by Luis Minaya and his team. To learn more, click here.