Ten years in the air:

the stories of a LATAM employee

Working with aviation for almost 10 years, José Julián shares what made this an exceptional year at LATAM



José Julián used to be a flight attendant, but now he works as customer service coordinator for LATAM in Ecuador. This change from the air to the ground has provided multiple learning experiences – on airplanes, he learned how to identify passengers’ needs and currently combines this expertise with valuable technical knowledge to help customers buy cheaper tickets, while also offering them the necessary tools to get ready for their flights.


What was it like to work at LATAM in 2018:

My biggest achievement this year was having more time with my wife and son. Like me, she’s a LATAM employee, and between flights, we were able to spend more time together.


The best of LATAM:

In 2018, the airline offered more autonomy to passengers, to manage their reservations on the website or through the app. The new routes opened the doors to the world.