In the sky and on the ground: the two sides of aviation

For Ecuadorian-born José Julián, it’s no coincidence that the words “vuelo” (flight) and “suelo” (ground) rhyme in Spanish. He’s been working for LATAM for almost 10 years, six of which in the air, as a cabin crew member. These days, with his feet on the ground in Guayaquil, he’s the coordinator of customer service in Ecuador.



“Because I spent so much time flying, I understand passengers,” he says. His sharp attention to detail earned him the position of chief purser for the A320 fleet – which made him fly around his country and all over the world. At the time, his itinerary included cities like Quito and Cuenca, as well as places like Argentina, Chile, Peru, and the United States.


For him, working in the air and on the ground are equally enriching, though distinct experiences. “Flying is a lifestyle: it allows you to meet new people and learn about different cultures,” he affirms. Now, more than ever, he deals with people, which he enjoys, but being on the ground has provided him with more time to dedicate to his son and personal interests.



One of them is photography. A passion since he was a kid, along with music – he plays the bass and guitar. It’s no coincidence that his camera was always in his bag, even when he was a cabin crew member: with it, he documented people and places in each destination he visited. For him, it’s his way to collect moments, trying his hand at street photography in each destination, carrying Latin America in his pocket.