3 fun facts about flight attendants


Can you explore the cities in between flights?

There are two types of flight. One is the return flight. In this case, I don’t leave the airport, as I take the same plane back. The other type is flight with overnight stay. It’s when I can explore the city, because we stay between 24 to 48 hours there.

When crew members leave the airport, they exchange texts with what they want to do in their free time. Some prefer to rest and relax at the hotel; others go to the gym; and yet others visit friends. I always choose to explore, even if it is by myself. As soon as I arrive at the hotel, I explore the surrounding area: the streets, the stores, public transport. And when I’ve been to the city before, I search the internet for new neighborhoods and restaurants. 



How many days off crew members have in a month?

We have an average of 10-12 days off every month – in low season, up to 14. This is how it works: when you fly five days, you take two days off; when you fly eight days, you rest for four days. Keep in mind that an overnight stay at a hotel is work. A day off is when you are in your base – in my case, Santiago. You can have a day off any day of the week, not only on Saturdays or Sundays. 



When are crew members informed of their flights?

On the 25th of each month, we receive the roster for the following month. It contains information on where I’m going, which hotels I’m staying at, and the flight times. With it in hand, I can plan my days off – I know if I’ll be able to go to a birthday party or not. I book appointment with doctors and my dentist.

We can take six additional days off per year. This means that I can request an exceptional day off to participate in important events, like a friend’s wedding or a nephew’s christening. The last time I made such request was to explore Madrid. I used it with my other four days off and took a trip abroad.